How to know if the leather of your handbag is of good quality?

How to know if the leather of your handbag is of good quality?

The nobility of the material used to make a bag is a guarantee of its quality. All manufacturers have the right to mention the word "leather" on their product as long as animal skin is integrated in some way in its manufacture. And even among real leather bags, there are some that are of good quality while others are not. To help lovers of fine bags, here's how to recognize the quality of leather.

1. Full grain leather

Of all leathers, full grain is the highest quality and also the most noble. This material is recognizable by the irregularities and traces of hair follicles on the surface of the leather. The crust of leather is found underneath the grain. It is of poorer quality and can be recognized by its excessively smooth surface.

2. Recognizing the best leather with the senses

Genuine leather is thicker, while imitation leather has a smoother, shinier crust. Leather is also recognizable by its special smell. A real leather bag of the best quality is marked by the presence of impeccable grains and especially does not have cracked effects on its surface.

3. Leather density and thickness

Another way to determine the quality of a leather handbag is by assessing its density and thickness. High quality leather is thick and dense, which makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear. When you hold a leather handbag, it should feel heavy and substantial, not flimsy or thin.

4. Look for natural imperfections

Full grain leather is a natural material and therefore, it will have natural imperfections such as variations in color and markings. These imperfections are a sign of authenticity and quality. In contrast, lower quality leathers will have a uniform appearance and lack natural variations.

5. Check the stitching

The stitching of a leather handbag is an important indicator of its quality. Look for even and tight stitching, with no loose threads or fraying. High quality leather handbags will have stitching that is strong and durable, and that is in line with the overall design of the bag.

6. Consider the price

While price is not always an indicator of quality, it is important to consider it when assessing the quality of a leather handbag. High quality leather handbags can be expensive, so if you come across a leather handbag that is priced significantly lower than others, it may be made of lower quality leather.

In conclusion, when looking for a high quality leather handbag, it is important to consider the full grain leather, the leather density and thickness, natural imperfections, stitching, and price. By following these tips, you can ensure that you are purchasing a handbag that is not only stylish, but also durable and long-lasting.