What is slow fashion?

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is an alternative to fast fashion, and it is an increasingly popular mode of production and consumption. It is based on the principles of fair fashion, ecological fashion, recycled fashion, and local fashion. Slow fashion clothes are of better quality than fast fashion clothes, and this quality comes from all stages of production, from the making of the raw materials to the final production of the garment.

One of the key characteristics of slow fashion is the use of high-quality materials. For example, organic cotton is preferred over conventional cotton as it is not weakened by chemical or toxic substances. The fabric is therefore of better quality, softer, more comfortable to wear, and more durable. Other materials such as linen, which is mainly produced in Italy, France, and the Netherlands, are also preferred as it is a local product, and its production is controlled and respects Italy standards.

Another important aspect of slow fashion is the craftsmanship. The materials are chosen with care, the pieces are made with passion, and the creations are original. Slow fashion is made in small quantities or in unique models, which ensures the quality and uniqueness of the product.

In addition to being beneficial for our economy, slow fashion also supports traditional, artisanal, and local know-how. It also ensures that human rights and labor legislation are respected, starting with wages.

When it comes to environmental impact, slow fashion favors plants grown naturally with non-polluting industrial processes, without chemicals, limiting water consumption and CO2 emissions. Environmentally friendly materials such as jute or flax are also preferred. These require little fertilizer and pesticides. Moreover, linen requires little water and is a local product. Locally made fabric (plants grown in Italy and fabric made in Italy mills) limits transport and CO2 emissions. In addition, vegan materials are preferred over animal materials.

Finally, slow fashion favors fabrics and clothes that are not treated with chemicals or toxic products. This reduces the number of substances on our clothes and accessories that are harmful to our health. By choosing slow fashion, we can make a positive impact on the environment, economy, society, and our own health.