Why Matilde Mattioli?

You might think that they are the names of people!
Yes, but they are the names of two people, Grand Ma"Matilde" (of Malagasy origin) and Grand Pa Mattioli (of Italian origin). Unfortunately, they are no longer with us :(
So, Grandpa and Grandma ???
I, who created the brand, am Matilde's son and Mattioli is my father-in-law (my wife's father).
Grandma suffered during her life from a separation (aggressive partner), the loss of a son, poverty and finally a heart disease that took her away after 25 years of suffering.
Grandfather I only knew for 6 years and a musical man (we played music together and had a good relationship).
But why grandma and grandpa!
Grandma Matilde wanted to be a grandmother and have grandsons, but she had only known her Daughter-in-law for a while. And after a week of our civil marriage, she went to heaven.
She didn't get to walk me down the aisle for the church wedding either.
So she would not have been able to see her grandsons (girl and boy).
Grandpa Mattioli saw these two grandsons but only for 3 years (my daughter was 3 and my son 2), they were, are and will be attached to him.
And so that my children never forget the grandfather with whom they played for a short time and the grandmother whom they did not know but who still lives in their hearts, I make them live and relive through this mark of affection, their love.
Grandmother Matilde loved handbags, even though she didn't have much money to buy many. She was simple and knew how to hide her pain in clothes for us, her children. She always tried to be fashionable and so our neighbors and friends respected and admired us.
Grandpa Mattioli liked, from what I saw, to be simple but chic. He wanted to be respected and seen as a great man who knew how to dress and even as an intellectual.
Matilde Mattioli, a name that resonates with elegance, simplicity and love.
You may think that it is simply the name of a person, but it is not.
It is the name of two people, Grandmother "Matilde" and Grandfather "Mattioli", who may no longer be with us, but their love and memory live on in the brand that bears their name.
Matilde Mattioli is not just a brand, it is the heritage of two different worlds, two different cultures, two different lives, but united by love. It is a love story that began with the matriarch of the family, grandmother Matilde, who suffered a lot in her life. She endured separation from her aggressive partner, the loss of a son, poverty and finally succumbed to heart disease after 25 years of suffering.
But through it all, she remained a strong woman who loved fashion and handbags, even if she didn't have much money to buy them. She knew how to hide her suffering in the clothes she wore for her children and always tried to be fashionable to gain the respect and consideration of her neighbors and friends.
I remember one day when my son was born, and the grandfather asked my wife if it was possible to add his name to my son's (as he only has two daughters).
So it's also about honoring his name, but combining his name with his granddaughter's name (because we had given our daughter the grandmother's name).